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I have spent over a decade searching the web for videos and websites that appeal to my particular form of spanking fetish (more about that in my 'First Post' under 'About Me'), usually with limited success. I can't believe that my fetish is unique but obviously I'm not part of the 'spanking mainstream'. There were several websites that I found helpful when I first started searching but most of them are long gone. I thought that this blog might be a way I could help others who are searching for the same material I'm trying to find and maybe they could help me in return.

About the picture ... If my memory is correct, it is from a photostory called "A Date with Mr. Cane". I downloaded it many years ago from a website that no longer exists and I have never been able to find the original source. Please leave a message if you can tell me anything more about it.

I FINALLY FOUND THE SOURCE OF THE PICTURE ... The original source was a photostory from Janus Magazine called "Female Motivation" and the model used the name "Felicity Tarrant". It appears she did one other session for Janus but I haven't been able to find anything else about her.

Saturday, 31 December 2011


Ouch! (2001)
Extreme Associates
Two clips from Ouch! are available on Spanking Tube at http://www.spankingtube.com/video/962/babysitter-spanked and http://www.spankingtube.com/video/964/babysitter-strapped and screen shots (as well as the full movie) are available at http://www.porn.com/dvds/ouch-2592.html

One movie that took me a long time to find was the 2001 Extreme Associates production entitled "Ouch!" (as you might expect, there are a lot of spanking movies by that name which contributed to the problem).  Extreme Associates was founded in 1997 and it became known for producing extremely graphic and rather brutal porn films; there is a story that one porn actress quit the business rather than complete a film when she found what the producers were actually planning.  The company's history includes both being featured in a PBS Frontline documentary called "American Porn" (reportedly, the documentary's producers were so disgusted by the movie that was being filmed that they walked off the set) and publicly challenging the US Attorney-General of the day to try to prosecute them for obscenity.  The Justice Department took the challenge and Extreme Associates was charged with distributing obscene materials in 2003.  In 2009, after a series of trials and appeals, the company agreed to a plea bargain on the obscenity charge, they removed some of their movies from distribution and closed their website.  I've never seen any of Extreme Associates' hard core porn, and based on the descriptions I've read I don't want to.  Ouch! wasn't part of the obscenity case but the trial and its aftermath may be part of the reason that Ouch! is so hard to find.

Ouch! was directed by, and stars the well known porn movie actress Francesca Le; she is the baby sitter who is being spanked and strapped in the clips available on "Spanking Tube".  The movie has four parts but the 'copy' I obtained consisted of four separate mp4 files so I'm not certain of the correct order.  What I believe to be the first segment features Kelli Thomas as a rather mature-looking high school student who is sent to the Vice-Principal's office following a bad test result.  She waits in the hallway outside the office where she listens while another student is being punished (a nice touch) and then she is called inside.  After some predictable discussion she receives a dozen hard swats of the paddle over her blue jeans.  After she leaves the Vice-Principals office she spends nearly 5 minutes in the washroom (and it looks like the Boys) where she checks out her bottom and drys her eyes.  The whole clip runs a little over 17 minutes and it would have benefited from some editing.

But our hapless high school student isn't done.  She returns to the Vice-Principal's office after school; it is the same day as her paddling but she is now wearing a dress rather than blue jeans.  She is supposed to take a letter home to her parents about her earlier punishment but the VP offers to dispense with the letter if she submits to a further OTK hand spanking.  Of course, she chooses the spanking.  This scene runs about 10 minutes, which makes it the shortest scene of the movie, but it consists of a lot of close-ups from poor camera angles so I didn't find it very interesting.

The third segment is about a woman (Ruby Richards) who returns home to find that her babysitter (director Francesca Le ) has been neglecting her duties so she gives the babysitter a 15-minute long OTK hand spanking; her skirt is up and her panties are off by the end of it.  After the hand spanking, Francesca is sent to get a hairbrush and, when she returns with it, she goes back OTK for another 8 minutes with the hairbrush.  But there is still more to come.  The babysitter is told to go into the bedroom, undress and lie down on the bed for a lengthy (about 15 minutes) and severe beating with a leather belt.  In total the scene runs about 40 minutes and, by the end, the beating is so severe that I find it hard to watch.  I'm amazed by how much the actress is able to take but she is also the director so I assume that she made the decision.  Two clips from this scene are available on Spanking Tube; the URLs are given above.  

The final segment features Jessica Darlin and Kristi Myst as two American students at an English girl's school and that probably tells you everything you need to know about the story.  Their punishments start with an OTK hand spanking which is followed by the hairbrush and the cane.  Again, the scenes run too long and this segment lasts almost an hour it total.  Just to make it worse, the two girls look very much alike (both have long blonde hair and they are wearing identical school uniforms) so everything seems twice as long.

I was disappointed with Ouch!, the scenes all run too long and many are filmed from poor camera angels.  Worst of all, it's repetitious since many of the segments include the same punishments (hand and hairbrush).  The babysitter scene is certainly worth seeing but, even there, the two clips on Spanking Tube are probably all you need to see.

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