Why this blog

I have spent over a decade searching the web for videos and websites that appeal to my particular form of spanking fetish (more about that in my 'First Post' under 'About Me'), usually with limited success. I can't believe that my fetish is unique but obviously I'm not part of the 'spanking mainstream'. There were several websites that I found helpful when I first started searching but most of them are long gone. I thought that this blog might be a way I could help others who are searching for the same material I'm trying to find and maybe they could help me in return.

About the picture ... If my memory is correct, it is from a photostory called "A Date with Mr. Cane". I downloaded it many years ago from a website that no longer exists and I have never been able to find the original source. Please leave a message if you can tell me anything more about it.

I FINALLY FOUND THE SOURCE OF THE PICTURE ... The original source was a photostory from Janus Magazine called "Female Motivation" and the model used the name "Felicity Tarrant". It appears she did one other session for Janus but I haven't been able to find anything else about her.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Three Websites

There were three websites that I followed for varying periods of time:
  • Ladies' Spanking Forum
  • Spanking Video Review Page
  • Whipping Scenes in Movies Database 
None of them are still active but the last two have been preserved and I still refer to them on occasion.

As the name suggests, the Ladies' Spanking Forum (LSF) was a 'chat room' for women involved in spanking that I discovered near the end of its life.  LSF was a revelation to me because I hadn't known that there was 'spankee' community.  So, aside from the one brief flirtation that I mentioned in 'More About Me', I never believed it would ever be possible to act out any of my fantasies consensually.  LSF changed all that.  I followed the site avidly for a while but I must have discovered it late in its life because it disappeared much too soon.  I have searched some of the internet archives but the only trace I have ever found of LSF was a link to an empty folder.  LSF may be gone but it certainly isn't forgotten because it played a huge role in the development of my spanking fetish.

The Spanking Video Review Page was, as the name suggests, a site that published reviews of spanking movies and paysites.   The site was run by a medical student/intern who used the name Boatdrinks and it quickly became my main source for information about spanking movies.  The site was active from 1999 through 2007; it lingered on the web for a year or two after the last posting and then it shutdown.  But, unlike LSF, the Spanking Video Review Page isn't gone.  A copy survives on the 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine' (go to http://web.archive.org/ and search for http://www.svrpage.net) and I still use it for information about older spanking movies.

I don't remember how I discovered the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database (WSIMD) but it quickly became one of my favorite sites.  This site was run by a Michigan man who used the name Otto Netfetter.  He created the site in 1997 and it was active for about a decade.  The sited contained an impressive listing of whipping scenes in movies and TV shows and many of the entries included screencaps.  It obviously required an incredible effort to create such a detailed compilation and, fortunately, that effort has not been lost.  There are several copies of the WSIMD available on the web (including http://ralphus.net/database/whipindex.html and http://www.femdomale.com/wsim/).  The first of those two sites, "Bring out the GIMP's Dreambook' has also preserved other similar databases but some of them are currently off-line as a consequence of a hardware failure (they are slowly being restored).  I made one small contribution to WSIMD near the end of its life.  That contribution wasn't very important to the database (I found a copy of one movie that Otto had been told contained a whipping scene but I was able to let him that there wasn't one) but it was the first time that I participated in any internet spanking activity.  This blog is the descendent of that contribution.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings

County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings 1 (2004)
County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings 2 (2005)
Raven Hills Studios

I discovered the Raven Hills Studios website about the same time I discovered the Moonglow website and two Raven Hills Productions - County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spanking 1 & 2 - also caught my attention.  The Raven Hills site posted screen shots and trailers of both movies and I was just about to take the plunge and order copies when I started to read reports of customer service problems, specifically complaints that orders were never received.  I decided that I wouldn't take the chance and, if my memory is correct (but it may not be) the Raven Hills site disappeared from the web for a couple of years.  The site is back now but McAfee gives a warning about malware so I have never entered.  I did eventually find both County Sheriff movies on a 'Video on Demand' site (www.kinkyvod.com) and I watched them there.

Both movies follow the same format; a small town sheriff offers miscreants the choice of community service or corporal punishment.  Three women arrive at the Sheriff's Office at the appointed time, two have decided on corporal punishment and the third is there for some other reason but her eventual fate is the same.  In turn, each girl is taken into the Sheriff's office and turned over the Sheriff's knee for a hand spanking.  After that, they bend over a spanking horse for the paddle.  The girls remain dressed with their pants down or skirts raised.

I was disappointed when I finally got to see the movies and I was glad that I didn't buy them.  The technical quality is poor; they're not as good as Teacher's Folly even though that movie is almost a decade older, and the scenes are repetitious.  Aside from that, the one thing that stands out in my memory is the Sheriff's hat.  He wears a campaign hat, which is fine, except that he wears it indoors and he wears it pushed far back on his head so that the brim sticks up in the air (one good gust of wind and his hat would be gone).  There is one scene where my first thought when I saw him was that he looked like Oliver Hardy (from Laurel & Hardy) and that is still the first thing that comes to mind when I think of these movies.

Raven Hills eventually continued the County Sheriff series but I had lost interest by that time and I don't now anything about the later installments.

If you're interested, there is a short scene from County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spanking 2 in the free section of www.spanklips.com.  It's called 'Screams When Paddled' and it is representative of these two movies.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

More About Me

I was in my thirties before I recognized that I had a spanking fetish but there were signs of it long before then.  My earliest memory of being excited by corporal punishment involves an incident that occurred when I was about 9.  Corporal punishment was still being used in my school system and three girls from my class, including my 'girlfriend' at the time, had their hands strapped at the back of the classroom.  I can't remember why they were punished but I do clearly remember the sound and that memory still excites me.

I began having spanking fantasies soon after puberty but I didn't recognize what they meant.  Those fantasies became more frequent and more detailed after I stumbled across an old book in my public library late in my high school years.  The book was a history of corporal punishment and I suspect it was written to support its  abolition.  I don't know when it was written but it must have been before World War II, or just after at the very latest.   I read the whole book in the library since I didn't want any one to see me check it out.  I can't count how many times I reread the sections of the book about corporal punishment of women and several stories from the book stand out in my memory.  One is 'the Whipping of the Quaker Women' in New England in the mid-1600s, which was the first I ever heard of 'cart-tail whipping' which was common in the both England and the 13 Colonies.  In time, I became aware that it was the less severe punishments that fascinated me and I reread those sections many times while descriptions of more brutal punishments revolted me and I skipped over those.

The closest brush between my fantasies and reality occurred in the early 90s, by which time I had recognized my fetish but I hadn't admitted it to anyone else.  I was in the airport on my way home from a business trip to Atlanta when I read a newspaper story about a high school senior who was given three swats of the paddle for parking her car in the teacher's parking lot.  As I recall, the girl was a honor student and class president and her punishment had provoked some outrage.  While I don't agree with corporal punishment in schools I was captivated by the story and I brought that page of the newspaper home with me.  My girlfriend found the page when I got home; she obviously knew me much better than I realized since she knew what story had caught my attention, and she coyly suggested that 'something' might be possible.  Our relationship was already in serious trouble and I suspect she thought this might help salvage the situation but we broke up before it went any further.

Several of these memories involve corporal punishment of children which is something I oppose in real life.  My fantasies involve a woman submitting herself to corporal punishment and the more able she is to say no, the more her submission excites me.  My ultimate fantasy involves a strong, successful woman submitting herself to punishment in a situation where that would be inconceivable - like the lawyer fantasy I described in my 'First Post'.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Teacher's Folly

Teacher's Folly (1996)
Moonglow (Classic C08)
screenshots & trailer at http://www.moonglowvideo.com/Vidlists/mgclassic/Mg08TF/intoC08.html

One of the first spanking movie sites that I found on the web was Moonglow, which I believe is actually a distributor of movies made by several different producers around the UK. One of their movies called Teacher's Folly caught my interest and, after much hesitation, it became the first spanking movie that I ever bought. The movie was sold as a VHS tape and the technical quality isn't up to the standard I would expect today (but it was good for its time). I don't think it has ever been digitized and I have never come across a Video On Demand or download version. 

The story involves three students at a girl's school, Sara (Maddy), Fiona (Morgan) and Joanne (Dany Smith), their teacher Miss Annabel Bolton (Kara Jayne) and Dr. Fordham (Robert Coleman) the school's Headmaster.  Most of the story is told in a flashbacks as Dr. Fordham dictates his notes describing the events.  It start with Sara and Fiona sneaking off into the woods to be with their boyfriends following a game of tennis.  Joanne reports them to Miss Bolton who takes them back to the school gym where puts them over her lap for a hand spanking.  Next, the girls are then made to remove their panties and bend over a bench for the slipper. 

Later, Sara and Fiona decide to sneak off to the movies and once again they are betrayed by Joanne.  This time they are summoned to Dr. Fordham's office along with Miss Bolton.  He gives both girls a hand spanking, first OTK and then bending over a desk.  Finally, both girls are given six strokes of the came while grabbing their ankles, bending over a desk and kneeling on a chair. 

After dismissing the girls Dr. Fordham decides to punish Miss Bolton for spanking the girls without his permission.  She initially protests (briefly) but then submits to the punishment.  She removes her 'knickers' but otherwise remains fully dressed with her skirt raised.  Her punishment starts with a hand
spanking in both the OTK position and bent over the desk and it concludes with a caning which consists of six strokes while she is bent over the desk, leaning against the wall and a final six bent over grabbing her knees.  Her caning is filmed from only one camera angle and her face is only visible during the final six strokes of her caning where she is positioned so that she is looking into the camera.
The story ends with Sara and Fiona taking their revenge on Joanne.  They start by
taking turns holding Joanne over a desk by her wrists while the other girl spanks her by hand.  They then decide to cane her and each girl gives Joanne nine strokes of the cane
while the other girl holds her in place.  This is interrupted by Dr. Fordham at the end of the story. 

It was Miss Bolton's punishment that made me want to buy the movie and that scene still stands up although I would have liked more (starting with her completely undressing rather than simply removing her panties).  This was my first spanking movie and you never forget your first.  I still watch Miss Bolton's punishment on occasion (but I fast forward through the rest) and this scene remains one of my favorites.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

First Post

Why did I decide to create a blog (and this is my first attempt at blogging, although that may already be obvious)?

My fetish is spanking, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say 'discipline', but
  • I don't care if the punishment is with the hand, a strap, a paddle, a cane or a whip, although I must admit to a certain fascination with both the paddle (a very 'American' implement and not something that we see very often) and the school birch,
  • I don't care of the person administering the punishment is a man or a woman, and 
  • I don't care if the person being punished is a schoolgirl, a cheerleader, a housewife or a nurse, just as long as it is a woman.
So why am I so dissatisfied with much of what I find on the web?  Probably because I am much more excited by seeing a woman (not a girl) submit to corporal punishment than I am by the punishment itself.

A typical video I've found on the web might start with a couple of schoolgirls being called into the headmaster's office where they are told they are going to be caned.  Cut to the first girl, probably already undressed, in position for her caning.  The scene usually start with a closeup of the cane striking her bottom a few times and then maybe it cuts to a long shot.  After the first girl has received her 6, or 12, or whatever, the two change places and the process is repeated.  After the second caning is finished, the girls are told to stand in the corner and the scene fades to black.

What's wrong with that?  Well, for many people probably nothing but for me it's missing three things.  First, I want to see the 'victim' prepare herself to be punished. This should include her undressing (completely, and too few women wear underwear in spanking videos) and taking her position for the punishment.  Second, I want to see her reaction to the punishment rather than repeated closeups of the cane striking her backside.  If she is bent over for a caning then my favorite camera angle would be from in front and below, so that I could see the swing of the cane in the background and her face when the cane strikes.  Finally, I want to see the aftermath, which probably includes her getting dressed.  A tight pair of jeans being pulled over a freshly caned bottom is a scene I can appreciate but seldom get to see.

So what would I like to see?  How about a starting with a female lawyer dressed in a tailored business suit.  She's called into her senior partners office where she told she's going to be paddled.  She eventually accepts, undresses and bends over his desk for her punishment.  The senior partner gives her a severe (but not brutal) paddling that we watch from the front and side.  When he's finished, she stands up, probably massages her backside and then gets dressed.  The video would end with her returning to her office and we see her reaction as she sits down at her desk.

I've never found the video I described but I have found some that I like. I'm going to review some of those in this blog and I'm hoping that some of you might be able to direct toward others that I've missed.  I'm waiting to hear from you.