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I have spent nearly two decades searching the web for videos and websites that appeal to my particular form of spanking fetish (more about that in my 'First Post' under 'About Me'), usually with limited success. I can't believe that my fetish is unique but obviously I'm not part of the 'spanking mainstream'. There were several websites that I found helpful when I first started searching but most of them are long gone. I thought that this blog might be a way I could help others who are searching for the same material I'm trying to find and maybe they could help me in return.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Bounder

‘The Bounder’ is a 26-minute movie produced by ‘Raincoat Productions’, an early name for Spanking for Pleasure (SfP) which was founded in 1983.  This, together with Michael Dawes youthful appearance, suggests that ‘The Bounder’ was probably made in 1984 or 85.  CalStar released ‘The Bounder’ together with ‘The Caning Machine’ as English Spanking Classics #34, first on VHS tape in 1991 (according to the copyright statement on the box) and then on DVD in 2007.  ‘The Bounder’ is currently available on Spankflix and through both Clips4Sale.com and HotMovies.com.

‘The Bounder’ begins with a hooded man fondling and spanking a naked redhead who is loosely tied between two trees.  He hears another woman approaching so he runs off but hides nearby. (I have read reviews that say the movie opens with the hooded man ambushing the redhead on a forest path and forcing her to undress but I have never seen that sequence.)  The second woman, dressed in white and wearing high heels for her walk in the woods, hears the first woman’s calls for help and when she responds she too is ambushed (although she really doesn’t make much effort to resist) and handcuffed around one of the trees.  He lifts her skirt and starts to give her a hand spanking.  Soon he removes her skirt and then he leaves for a moment but he comes running back when the redhead tries to free herself, which doesn’t require much effort, and he gives her a further hand spanking.  He then pulls down the blonde’s panties and spanks her again.

He produces an embossed leather embossed paddle and begins to paddle the blonde. This is a short but enjoyable sequence since there are frequent face shots of both and they look as though they are at least partially enjoying the experience.  He releases he blonde from her handcuffs and takes he to an open area where he finishes undressing her then he takes her over his knee for one final spanking.  Afterward, he takes the girls clothes and runs off across a field.  The blonde returns to the redhead, unties her and then the two girls run off together down the trail through the woods, both still wearing high heels.  This opening sequence ends just after the 10-minute mark of the movie.

Eventually they come to a house that looks something like the ruins of a Greek temple with modern doors and windows.  They knock on the door and a very young Michael Dawes answers.   He invites them in and they tell him what has happened.  They also ask him for clothes and help getting home.  He closely examines the marks on their bottoms.  He offers to try to find them something to wear but he is more reluctant when the redhead asks for some money so they can get home.  He takes another look at the blonde’s backside then he makes them an offer, he will give £200 each if they will let him cane them.  They think for a moment but they finally agree and he goes to get his cane.

He decides to cane the blonde first and after asking her name (Anne) he has her lean against the staircase railing and gives her one firm stroke of the cane.  The redhead is next (he doesn’t ask her name till later, it’s Lisa) and after toying with her for a moment he gives her one firm stroke.  Now he takes Anne over to the piano and gives her another hard stroke.  He calls Lisa over to the piano and, after he toys with her again, she also receives one hard stroke.  He then continues to alternate between the two giving them hard strokes at a leisurely pace until both have received a total of 6 strokes.  After a final examination of his work he gives Lisa one final hard stroke and then he goes off to find them something to wear.  He returns with the clothes he had taken from them in the woods and he also tells them he doesn’t have any money and he sends the girls off to find their own way home.

I like this movie.  The canings are more substantial than most spanking movies and they are delivered slowly while Dawes plays psychological games with his victims.  Unfortunately, the movie suffers from a number of technical issues, wind noise during the outdoor scenes, background noise indoors and the camera issues that are so common in many early spanking videos.  Despite those problems, I think this movie is fun to watch.

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