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I have spent nearly two decades searching the web for videos and websites that appeal to my particular form of spanking fetish (more about that in my 'First Post' under 'About Me'), usually with limited success. I can't believe that my fetish is unique but obviously I'm not part of the 'spanking mainstream'. There were several websites that I found helpful when I first started searching but most of them are long gone. I thought that this blog might be a way I could help others who are searching for the same material I'm trying to find and maybe they could help me in return.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Punished Wife

‘Punished Wife’ is a 54-minute long movie.  I don’t know who produced the movie, or when, or what company distributed it outside of the US but it was distributed by CalStar in the US as English Spanking Classics #6 and that release is currently available on several ‘video on demand’ site such as www.hotmovies.com.  The only date that is available comes from a CalStar title card that says the original production was ‘prior to July 3, 1995’.

‘Punished Wife’ has been on the list of movies that I wanted to review for quite a while but I have been focusing on the early Kane International movies while I’ve been collecting information to help me build a better list of dates for those movies.   However, I recently received a comment about my review of ‘Naughty Nieces 1 & 2’ that made me wish I had written this review earlier, so here it is.  This last statement may seem odd but there is an obvious connection between this movie and the two Naughty Nieces movies that may shed some light on the pedigree of this movie.  ‘Punished Wife’ has only two characters but they are played by the same two actors who play the husband and wife in ‘Naughty Nieces 2’ as shown in the two vidcaps below; the first from ‘Punished Wife’ and the second from 'Naughty Nieces 2’. 

But, the two movies were obviously filmed at different times and in different places as shown in the vidcaps from the bath tub scenes in the two movies; the first from ‘Punished Wife’ and the second from ‘Naughty Nieces 2’.  

‘Punished Wife’ opens with Michael, the husband, standing by an open window, complete with traffic noise, talking to the audience for about 3 minutes.  He tells the viewers that he walked in on a film crew making an adult movie in his house when he arrived the day before and he discovered that his wife was starring in the movie.  Then he invites the viewers to watch what he describes as a true-life chronicle of just retribution.

The morning starts in the bedroom but quickly moves to the bathroom where she fills the bath tub (accompanied by very loud water sounds).  Her bath lasts over 5 minutes then its back to bedroom for another 5 minutes of hair and makeup.  I found this part of the movie was becoming tedious by the time it ended.  It is only at this point, the 15-minute mark of the movie, that her punishment begins.  Michael picks up a hair brush, orders her bends over the bed and nearly 30 smacks with the hairbrush follow.  Afterward, he leaves her to get dressed and waits for her in the lounge.

Cut to a few minutes later and he returns to the bedroom to find out why she is taking so long.  He finds her still naked and proceeds to give her a hard hand spanking.  Another cut, he is in the lounge and she enters.  Michael finds that she has ‘dressed for the camera’ and he sends her off to change while he tells the audience that he has decided on another round of punishment.  He goes off and returns with plastic ruler that looks like if might be 24-iches long.  When she returns, he has her take of her skirt and bend over a chair.  He gives her a long spanking with the ruler and a some of the strokes seemed quite hard.  Then he has her sit on the chair and gives her several strokes on the inside of her thighs that also looked quite hard.  Next, she is back over the chair for another session on the ruler on her backside, and these may even harder than the previous round.

He sends her off to clean the kitchen.  When he goes in to check on her, he is disappointed with her progress and he finds a slotted turner (I used to call it a spatula but I'm told that a spatula doesn’t have slots) in a kitchen drawer.  He has her bend over the counter and he uses the kitchen tool on both her legs and buttocks which produces a very pronounced reaction.  They return to the lounge for the final segment where she is soon naked and lying on a table.  First the ruler returns, mostly on her thighs, and then he moves on to his belt.  The movie ends rather abruptly but I don’t have any reason to believe that the CalStar version is incomplete.

There are some parts of this movie, particularly the first sequence with the ruler, that I really like but, overall, I was disappointed.  The biggest problem is pace; the movie is slow and there were several places were I just wanted them to ‘get on with it’.  The other problem is the camera work.  It isn’t that difficult to frame a shot but over and over again in these reviews I find myself complaining about poor camera work.  Maybe video cameras were still a novelty at the time.  

I still don’t know who made this movie or when.  I would guess that it was filmed in 1985 or 86 and probably not too long after the 'Naughty Nieces' movies were produced. I don't think that George Harrison-Marks played any role in the making of the movie because it doesn't have any of his characteristic touches, but that certainly isn't definitive.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

The Punishment Man

‘The Punishment Man’ is a 55-minute long movie made by George Harrison-Marks (GHM) about 1987.  It was released by Kane International (catalogue number 21) in the UK and a collection of photographs from the movie appears in issue number 33 of Kane magazine.  The movie was also released by CalStar in the US as English Spanking Classics #30 and that release is currently available on several ‘video on demand’ site such as www.hotmovies.com.

In my post on ‘Problem Girls’ I listed the 6 previous Kane International movies that Larry Barnes mentioned in his soliloquy at the end of ‘the Maid in Tears’ and with this post on ‘The Punishment Man’ I have reviewed all of those movies which were probably all made in 1987.

‘The Punishment Man’ opens with a couple, Jay and Tony, in bed.  There aren’t many MF sex scenes in GHM spanking movies and this is the longest one that that I can remember at the moment.  After nearly 9 minutes, Jay's husband Dave arrives home, goes upstairs and catches Jay and Tony in the act.  Tony is quickly chased out of the house, never to be seen again, while Dave & Jay argue about what has happened.  After a few minutes the argument dissolves into a hand spanking but Dave soon finds a slipper by the bed and continues with it.  The spanking goes on for about 3 minutes before Dave runs out of steam.  The argument continues until Jay tells Dave that he can bring home anyone he wants.  It takes a minute but he eventually starts to think about that offer.  Then he picks up a copy of Kane magazine off the nightstand (I think it is issue number 31 but I’m not certain) and he reads an ad for ‘The Punishment Man’ who is ‘available to administer corrective punishment to errant schoolgirls … and wayward wives’. 

At the 23-minute mark, the scene cuts to a dark-haired woman in a schoolgirl uniform; only later do we find out that her name was Janie.  Larry Barnes, a regular in GHM’s films, tells Janie that her husband has hired him to address the problem of her compulsive shoplifting by administering the punishment that she should have received when she first started shoplifting in school.  Larry tells her to undress and she does.   Jay knocks on Larry’s just as Janie finishes undressing and Larry invites her in.  Then, Jay watches (in slight overwrought tears) as Larry starts by giving Janie a hand spanking.  Next, Larry tells Janie to kneel on the stool and he continues her punishment with a flogger.  When Larry finishes with the flogger, he tells Janie to pick up her clothes and he sends her out of the room.

Now (at about the 35-minute mark of the movie) Larry turns to Jay and he starts her session by telling her that he has talked to her husband.  As with his previous client, he tells Jay to undress which is followed by more overwrought hysterics.  She finally starts to undress but it takes a little encouragement from a leather strap before she completely complies.  Larry has Jay kneel on a stool while he examines the marks left by her husband’s previous work and he tells Jay that an experienced hand can do more.  He begins her punishment with a hand spanking but quickly moves on to the strap.  Finally, Larry brings out the flogger (there is not a cane to be seen anywhere in this movie) which he uses for the rest of the session even though Jay keeps squirming off the stool and onto the floor.
At the end of the session Larry tells Jay that her husband has made three more appointments for her and he admonishes her not to be late.  Finally, Larry calls in his assistant Kim, who wears lingerie in the office, and tells her to look after Jay; this turns into one of the girl-on-girl sequences that GHM loved so much.  This sequence fills the final 10 minutes of the movie and it includes two short scenes of Jay giving Kim a light hand spanking.

The movie ends with the first formal announcement that all future KI movies will be featured in the magazine, which has certainly helped me to date the movies.  The final end card also announces the first of the seven compilation tapes that would eventually be produced.
‘The Punishment Man’ movie suffers from some of the same cinematography problems as other Kane International films made in this period but there are also occasional sound problems in a couple of scenes.  These problems aren’t helped by the fact that the available prints have suffered from age.  I do like the concept behind this movie but I’m not completely satisfied with how it was executed.  I think I would have liked it more if ‘The Punishment Man’ had visited Jay and Dave more in the style of the ending of ‘Maid in Tears’ but that wasn’t to be.  I also thought the final sequence might have been better is it wasn't so obvious where it was heading; having Kim dressed in lingerie in the office was just too much.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Girls in Trouble

‘Girls in Trouble’ is a 52-minute long movie made by George Harrison-Marks (GHM) about 1987.  It was released by Kane International (catalogue number 13) in the UK and a collection of photographs from the movie appears in issue number 32 of Kane magazine.  The movie was also released by CalStar (English Spanking Classics #23) in the US and that release is currently available on several ‘video on demand’ site such as www.hotmovies.com.

This is another movie that may have been filmed in GHM’s house in London, and probably soon after ‘Kane Kandid Kamera’.  Sue and Kathy from ‘Kane Kandid Kamera’ are back but under different names (Jenny and Kathleen respectively).  Janus (GHM’s German Sheppard) returns in another ‘walk on’ role and GHM also puts in another appearance at the end of the movie.  This time they are joined by frequent GHM contributor Sue Ellis who also appeared in ‘Mandy Bait’ (or ‘Mandy Bates’ in the US), ‘The Caning Club’, ‘The Errant Daughter’ and ‘Six Days a Week’ and by a man that I don’t recall having seen in any previous Kane movies.

Kathleen is putting on make up in a bedroom we have seen this bedroom before in other movies when a statuesque blonde (Sue Ellis) rings the door bell.  They obviously know each other, since there is an immediate confrontation in the hallway. They’re soon upstairs in the bedroom where Sue finds ‘proof’ that Kathleen has been sleeping with her boyfriend George.  In a flash the two are wrestling on the bed while Sue tries to give Kathleen a hand spanking but the cinematography leaves room for improvement since much of this action is very poorly framed.  This disappointing segment ends just before the 13-minute mark of the movie.

A cut takes us to Jenny in the bathtub in a scene that is reminiscent of GHM’s 8-mm ’glamour films’ of the 1960s.  After about 2 minutes Kathleen walks in to warn Jenny about Sue.  In the course of their conversation Jenny admits that they had both slept with George the night before.  Soon they are both in the bathtub for a girl-on-girl scene that is a familiar part of most GHM movies.  The bathtub segment last until almost the 25-minute mark of the movie.

Another cut to Sue in the kitchen.  Jenny walks in and tells Sue that she was mistaken about Kathleen since both had slept in the spare room the night before.  Sue goes upstairs to apologize to Kathleen and soon they are into another, but shorter girl-on-girl scene.   

Jenny is reading the newspaper in the kitchen when she thinks that she hears Jenny coming downstairs.  She blurts out that she conned Sue into believing that the two had slept in the spare room before she realizes that it is actually Sue behind her.  Sue drags Jenny upstairs (pursued by Janus) and starts to spank Jenny on the bed.  Sue find a tawse conveniently placed on the headboard and soon the three are wrestling over it.  This scene suffers from the same poor camera work as the first bedroom spanking.

After about 5 minutes Kathleen leaves the bedroom (with Sue continuing to spank Jenny inside) just   She goes down stairs, topless, to answer the door and finds Jenny’s brother who is looking for her since she didn’t come home the night before.  He hears the noise coming from the bedroom and goes upstairs to find Sue still spanking Jenny.  He drags Sue into another room and soon she is over his knee.  By this point I’m having trouble keep track of who is spanking who, not that it really matters because they are all the same.  He picks up a copy of Kane no. 30 that falls off a table and it gives him an idea.  He has Sue kneel on a chair and gives her dozen strokes with a handy tawse (they seem to be all over the house).  The cane is next and this time there are problems with both camera and lighting since the scene is filmed looking into a pair of windows.
as the door bell rings.

While Sue is being caned upstairs, Jenny and Kathleen are comparing the marks on their bottoms in the hallway when GHM comes home.  When he asks about the commotion upstairs Jenny and Kathleen tell him it is his birthday present and he heads upstairs to find it as the movie ends.

I’m a fan of GHM’s movies but I have to admit he made some that just weren’t very good and this is one of them.   The plot, such as it is, is silly even by spanking movie standards.  The punishments manage to be uninteresting and the production values are poor.  If you’re a GHM fan you might want to watch this once, just for completeness.  Otherwise it probably isn’t worth the time it takes to sit trough it.