Why this blog

I have spent over a decade searching the web for videos and websites that appeal to my particular form of spanking fetish (more about that in my 'First Post' under 'About Me'), usually with limited success. I can't believe that my fetish is unique but obviously I'm not part of the 'spanking mainstream'. There were several websites that I found helpful when I first started searching but most of them are long gone. I thought that this blog might be a way I could help others who are searching for the same material I'm trying to find and maybe they could help me in return.

About the picture ... If my memory is correct, it is from a photostory called "A Date with Mr. Cane". I downloaded it many years ago from a website that no longer exists and I have never been able to find the original source. Please leave a message if you can tell me anything more about it.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Appologies Not Accepted

'Apologies Not Accepted' is available from  http://www.1stchoicespanking.com and through Clips4Sale at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/4532/1788335.
I have ignored this poor blog for far too long for a variety of reasons, travel, conflicting priorities but probably most important of all, a shortage of new material.  I watch another blog called “Spankingfilmreview” (https://spankingfilmreview.com/) which also publishes reviews of spanking videos.  There are obviously a number of people writing the reviews since they have amassed a huge catalogue but also because the quality and level of details of the reviews varies from exceptionally good to unreliable.  Despite the weaknesses, the site is a valuable source of information but occasionally it drives me crazy.

It you have followed my reviews you probably know that I have a fondness for scenarios that involve an authority figure being punished so you won’t be surprised that I took an immediate interest in an August 9, 2016 post on Spankingfilmreview entitled “A Mother and Teacher Caned – CALSTAR”.  The review begins “A CALSTAR film we think, we will fix the title when we can”.  To date, the title has never been ‘fixed’ but the review did mention that Leia Ann Woods played the Headmistress so I was eventually able to track down a film from 1st Choice Spanking called ‘Apology Not Accepted’ that is obviously the film they were reviewing (CALSTAR distributed 1st Choice Spanking videos in North America).  Unfortunately, it turned out that the move really wasn’t worth the effort it took to find it.

The movie is about 50 minutes long and it features three women, aside from Leia Ann Woods as the Headmistress there is a dark haired woman with a German accent playing the mother and a younger brunette, who fills out her blouse very nicely, playing the teacher.  The movie begins with the mother storming into the classroom to complain about the teacher punishing her daughter.  Very soon after arriving, the mother pulls the teacher over her knee and starts a hand spanking that last for about 5 minutes but it doesn’t seem to be much of a spanking. Eventual the mother tells the teacher to get the paddle that was used on her daughter and the teacher bends over the desk for about 4 minutes of the paddle before the Headmistress interrupts.

Needless to say, the Headmistress is not amused by the goings on and she decided to teach the mother a lesson (this is a very feeble scene).  She takes the mother over her knee and begins a hand spanking that continues, on and off, for about 5 minutes.  Then the Headmistress moves on to the paddle while the teacher looks on rather smugly until she eventually oversteps her bounds.  The headmistress uses a series of paddles and straps so that this eventually becomes a much more significant punishments that the earlier spankings.  These scenes continue until about the 35 minute mark after which the Headmistress decided that the teacher’s conduct requires some further correction and she takes the mother’s place over the desk and receives a more serious paddling that the one she had been given by the mother.

All the while there has been a basket of canes sitting in the corner so it was obvious they would eventually be used.  The teacher is first, she bends over the desk and receives a slow paced but firm caning.  There are exchanges between the Headmistress and mother throughout which I found annoying.  The mother is next and she receives the same.

This movie has it moments but, overall, I was disappointed.  It could easily have been a much better movie.  A little tighter would have helped since it did drag in places.  I also wanted to see the teacher undressed for at least part of her punishment but that never happened.  I think this was a classic case of anticipation being better than the movie itself.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

More Videos from Uncle Bob's Woodshed

I’ve had something of a love/hate relationship with Uncle Bob for a long time, or at least I’ve had love/hate relationship with his videos since I’ve never met the man himself.  I like the type of videos that Uncle Bob produces.  They are the type of video I would make myself if I made videos, but I don’t make videos and I’m quite certain that I never will.  However, I had a summer and after school job in a small market TV station many years ago so I know something about the process so the technical problems that occur in some of his videos drive me crazy.  It appears that most of his videos are filmed in a hotel room and probably at one of the spanking conventions that I have always wanted to attend (but never have) and these two videos are no exception.  

A few new videos recently appeared on Clips4sale, and two of them looked interesting so I bought and watched them.  The love/hate relationship continues.  The two videos were ‘Syrena’s Naked Love Spanking’ and ‘Affectionate Severity’.  Both of this videos feature Syrena Vaedya who has worked for a number of sites but none that I follow so I have mostly seen her in clips on Spankingtube.com.  ‘Syrena’s Naked Love Spanking’ is just over 11 minutes long.  The video opens with her walking into the room and undressing, which is shown from two angels, and then taking her place over his knee and he gives her a long hand spanking that lasts about 7 minutes.  That’s really all there is to the video.  It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it delivers what it promises and I like it.

I wasn’t as impressed with ‘Affectionate Severity’.  This video is just over 10 minutes long.  Same people, same hotel room but this time Syrena is topless when she walks into the room.  There is a chair is next to the bed and she takes her place over the armchair.  Uncle Bob starts with a hand spanking through her shorts but these quickly come down and the spanking continues.  Eventually he takes of his belt which he uses for the second half of the punishment.  Again, it's simple and straightforward, but I didn't like this video because of two serious technical flaws.

A hotel room is a small space and it's difficult to light a space that small. That problem is certainly evident in this video.  It appears that the video was filmed with just the room lighting and the natural light from the window but some scenes are filmed looking into the window and these are almost unwatchable.  Second, the frame size changes abruptly and it remains this way for the last two minutes of the video.  This just seems to be poor editing and it is hard to understand why the video would have been released with this flaw.  This could have been a good video but the technical flaws are simply unacceptable.

So my love/hate relationship with videos from Uncle Bob's Woodshed continues and they're 50-50 on these two new releases.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Room 2D

I’ve been reading about “Room 2D’ in internet chat rooms for at least 15 years where the movie is invariably described as a classic but I only recently realized that the movie is still available.  Room 2D is a 1983 movie from Roue Productions which still exists but I have never seen much of their work.  A version is available as a ‘CalStar Quickie’ on Clips4sale and the DVD version, of unknown length, is available directly from Roue Productions in the UK (www.roue.com) as part of their ‘Eighties Spanking Classics’ collection.  The CalStar Quickies version of “Room 2D’ is 21-minutes long and it appears to have been digitized from a videotape that had begun to show its age; the color has begin to fade and there is moderately loud static on the soundtrack which sometimes makes it hard to understand the dialogue.

A new student at a private school, Lucy Palmer, dropped a pile of hymn books during choir practice  and she was ordered to go to the school’s notorious Room 2D where punishments are administered.  Lucy is an attractive blonde who looks like she could actually be a student.  We first see her waiting in the room but Mr. Harris soon arrives who takes down her name and other information.  He then instructs her on how to prepare herself for her punishment and delivers a few sharp slaps on her bare bottom in the process.  He tells her to wait bent over a desk with her panties down for the Choirmaster and, at about the 8 minute mark, he leaves the room.

The Choirmaster, Mr. Clark, soon arrives and we hear the two talking, like the teachers in a CharlieBrown cartoon, outside the room.  Mr Clark comes in and delivers another twenty-or-so slaps on her bottom then he reaches for the cane. He gives her 14 strokes over the course of nearly 8 minutes but the strokes appear to be  firmly delivered and the leisurely pace of the caning together with Lucy’s reactions as she waits between strokes make this one of the most memorable canings I can recall.  After the caning, Mr Clark mentions that it is Lucy’s birthday and the school has a birthday tradition.  He orders Lucy to take her skirt off and kneel on a chair (with her panties still down).  He then tells her to wait for the Headmaster to arrive and he leaves the room.  This is where the CalStar Quickies version ends.

Based on what I’ve read, particularly in a 2003 thread called “Room 2D – £500 Reward” that is still available on the British Spanking Forum, I understand that the story continues with the Headmaster giving Lucy another dozen strokes of the cane as she kneels on the chair.  Several people reported having seen this longer version and the originator writes that he was told by people at Janus, the London-based distributor of spanking movies and magazines, that the full version had been withdrawn from distribution because it was 'too severe'.  The originator of the thread offered a £500 reward for a full version of the movie but it doesn’t appear that he was successful.

I really liked this movie and I want to see the full version.  I have never seen the DVD version available from Roue and I would like to know if it is the full 30 minutes.  Has anyone seen it?

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Spanking the Teacher

Spanking the Teacher is a 48 minute movie from Paradox Adult Filmed Entertainment.  There is no date on the film, and none of my sources give one, but it appears that it was made sometime around 2000.  It is currently available from 1st Choice Spanking, Spanking for Pleasure (SfP) and Cal Star.

The movie has two parts, both involving a blonde teacher known only as Miss Armstrong.  In the first part, which last almost 16 minutes, she deals with a disruptive student in her 'usual' manner which includes a lengthy hand spanking, a leather paddle and a cane.  I’m not convinced that ‘Miss Armstrong’ is played by an experienced Dom since the punishment is delivered in rapid flurries and she seems to have trouble controlling the cane, as evidenced by the three welts that appear on the student’s upper thigh.   

The first part ends with a scene of the topless student standing with a cane but this is totally gratuitous and unrelated to anything that has gone before.   I wasn’t impressed by this part of the movie and it isn’t helped by a cameraman who seems to imagine himself to be a very artistic cinematographer; some shots are filmed ‘on an angle’ (see the screen shot of the final scene), which is annoying, and far too many scenes are poorly framed or filmed from bad angles. 

The second part of the movie is much better.  The student has told her father about Miss Armstrong’s activities so he decides to pay her a visit at home.  After a lengthy discussion that lasts nearly 5 minutes, which actually works since whoever is playing Miss Armstrong is a better-than-average actress for a spanking movie (admittedly that isn’t a very standard), she agrees to submit to punishment to avoid being reported to the school authorities.   

The father is played by a familiar face in English spanking movies and his punishments are more competently administered than Miss Armstrong’s.  Her punishment begins with an OTK spanking and she is nearly, but not quite naked by the end of this.  Her punishment then proceeds through the leather paddle to the tawse and there is a much-too-short scene of a hand strapping that I wish was longer.  As expected, her punishment ends with the cane.  She becomes increasing disheveled as the punishment proceeds and she appears quite morose by the end. 

This story has been done many times before but I have a ‘soft spot’ for movies that turn the tables on an authority figure like a teacher.  The 1996 Moonglow movie ‘Teacher’s Folly’ is one of my favorites and it has some similarities to this movie.  

I liked the second part of ‘Spanking the Teacher’ much more than the first.  The camera work in the second part of the movie is better than it was in the first part but it still leaves much to be desired but ‘Miss Armstrong’ made this movie for me.  I have never been able to find out who plays that role but I would like to know if she has ever made any other movies.  Any information you may have would be appreciated.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Caning All Hours

‘Caning All Hours’ is available from http://www.1stchoicespanking.com/.  It is also distributed by CalStar in the US as part of the ‘Tales of the Rod’ series.

‘Caning All Hours’ was made by 1st Choice Spanking in the UK around 2001.  It runs slightly under 28 minutes.   It is a two hander with English porn star Jack Uppitt as a shopkeeper who catches a shoplifter, played by an unidentified Russian blonde in the act.  The shopkeeper takes the woman to his storeroom and searches her for stolen goods, but he stops short of a complete strip search.  Following a tried and true storyline he gives her the choice of corporal punishment or being turned over to the police and, of course she chooses the corporal punishment, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

 The punishment starts with an OTK spanking, first with her pants down and later with her fully nude.  The OTK spanking is followed by a short session of calisthenics which has never held much interest for me but she definitely moves in the right places if that is your interest.  Next, she bends over a car for a session with a small leather strap which, as might be expected, is followed by a caning.

The caning is about 30 strokes but a few strokes of the caning are obviously doubled.  Just after a scene showing a close up of her face during four strokes that ends with an unusually loud yelp, there is a welt just below her left butt cheek and continuing on her right thigh )visible in the last screen capture).  It disappears after an edit then we see four strokes ending with the stroke that cause that welt.


The movie ends with the shopkeeper telling our shoplifter that he isn’t finished with her and that she can please him later.  After confirming that she understood what he meant, and there certainly wasn’t anything subtle about it, he sends her off to clean his apartment above the shop. 

I liked this movie, mostly because of the shoplifter.  It seems that she can barely speak English but I find her attractive and she takes a good caning with just the right amount of reaction for me.  I have never seen her in any other movie, which is a disappointment.  Another disappointment is that we never have a good side view of her, showing both her body and face, during the caning.